Lougars is one of the most unique gyms in Portsmouth, with an amazing history dating back to 1982. Originally owned by Bob Woolger, the gym hosted such Bodybuilding legends as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Platz, Lee Haney, Rich Gaspari, Dorian Yates, Dexter Jackson and even the current Mr Olympia, Phil Heath!

bob.pngDr Ian Hendy has proudly owned  Lougars Gym since 1993. Ian, who has a Ph.D in Biological Sciences has strived to maintain the original 'blood, sweat and tears' environment that Bob Woolger provided. With a highly motivating, friendly 'Cheers Bar' style atmosphere - the passion for 'old school' training at Lougars remains as it's core.

  • Vast array of free-weights

  • Machines and weight-stack systems

  • Full Cardiovascular suite

  • Male/Female changing facilities, showers & bathrooms

  • On-hand free expert advice (training and dietary)

  • Personal Trainers

  • Sports Supplements (pre- and post-workout Shakes)

'We welcome everybody, and provide a warm and friendly atmosphere - your health and well-being is our business!'

The team of fitness professionals here at Lougars are only too happy to provide all your fitness requirements - with a combined expert knowledge-base of sixty-three years! If you have any questions please ask us - Ian, Clare and Colin will be on hand to answer and help with your fitness and training regime.

Daniel Gracia at the 2014 Giants Live World Qualifier/Britains Strongest Man.  150kg log press!


Saturday 1st March saw our first 'Throw Down'! In the spirit of Lougar's the competitors were gracious but all competed against one anther with great passion. In the body weight for reps (bench, deadlifts and squats) young Ash-Bash was the overall winner, amounting a huge 101 reps! Second was Anthony Bond - who work very very hard - in fact I believe Ant could have taken the 1st spot - he had a few more reps in the squat. A score to settle in 6 weeks for Ant?

Maximum lift, went to Omeed,  with a massive 200kg bench press (155% of his total body weight), second place went to the Vanilla Gorilla, with a very respectible 170kg bench press.

006.5 won the Whittman comp - with an amazing time of 16minutes! Here's to the next Lougar's Throw-Down in 6 weeks!

Thanks to everyone for making it such a success!

25. 01. 2014

Arrival of brand new gym equipment! Scheduled for delivery for the end of February. With great anticipation, we have a new Plate-loaded Nytram Olympic Leg Press, Plate-loaded Nytram Olympic Seated Calf Machine plus various assorted coloured olympic plates!!!



NOW IN!!!!


November & December 2013...Gym Challenge!

We have now started our gym challenge.  To find out more and to watch uploaded videos of our members, please go to Personal Training and then the training sessions section of our site.


January & February 2014...Cross fit Challenges now up!

Please look under Personal Training and then the Training sessions section of our site.



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