Personal Training

A Lougar’s Personal Program will include every element that is needed to achieve your goals, training requirements, nutritional requirements, rest and recuperation – and any other factors that are likely to help you succeed.  Together we have over 40 years experience in the fitness industry, and a further 30 as top level competitive athletes.

Whatever your level; from a complete beginner, to a seasoned competitor, we are able to create custom training sessions, and support you in your quest to achieving the best possible results.  We also offer additional services if personal training is not for you, yet you still require some extra help with your training and nutrition.

Please fill in the online contact form before you purchase any of the following options, so we can help you start the best package for your needs.  Put as much detail as you possibly can about your particular goal – and we will get back to you.  Personal Training is only available with Ian or Clare.  Alternatively you can email us direct at:

Every program is unique, based on the information supplied by you – we can do it by post, email, phone – or a combination of all three – it is up to you.

Please do not exaggerate, tone down or lie about any of your current habits and lifestyle – you will only cheat yourself if you do. Remember, we are not here to judge – but to encourage and advise.

After filling out an online contact form, please select from the following:

For those wanting to compete in Figure/Body fitness/Fit body, Bodybuilding and Men’s Physique Competition Prep please contact us for availability/suitability before purchasing.  Prices start at £500 for 16 weeks.  Prep includes full nutrition, supplementation, and training plan, weekly updates, and regular email/text support.  We will also help you with every aspect of stage presentation involving posing, tanning, suit/shoe advice.

16 Week Contest Prep £500