Meet The Team


Meet The Lougars Team


Dr.Ian Hendy PhD (Owner since 1993)

Two times WNBF World Champion, INBF European Champion, 2 x UKDFBA UK Champion. Ian has 28-years of international competitive bodybuilding experience and has been training for 35-years. Ian has a PhD in biological sciences and offers bespoke dietary and training programs from beginners to athletes wishing to have contest preparation.

Clare Hendy (Co-Owner and Head Coach Lougars Performance)

WBFF Pro Figure World Champion, with a history of over 15 years in competitive international bodybuilding. Now with over 20 years experience in fitness coaching, Clare specialises in Applied Biomechanics, Movement Performance and Injury Prevention. Clare continues to lead the way with bodybuilding/hypertrophy training

Thor: Head Coach Lougars Performance

Strength and movement specialist. Previously focusing on Powerlifting, now shifting attention to Strongman competitions. For me training has been about chucking around the most weight, while still being able to move well.


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