We offer a range of memberships that are flexible to allow you to get the most from you training.  We also understand that things do change and that our members should not be tied in to a contract.  ALL of our memberships have NO contracts and are easy and flexible to change.

We also offer pay as you go for both ‘Members’ and ‘Non-members’

Membership is only £50 a year which will entitle you to have a choice of 3 memberships.  It will also give you the option to have an induction, and a training program  depending on your fitness goals.

We also offer student and junior discounts.  Join for just £30* and pay £20 per month (No Contract)

*you must show us your Valid NUS Student card or proof of age for juniors at the start of every semester and on your initial registration.  Once you have left uni or are above 18 you will be required to pay the full £25 each month (still with no contract)

**For existing or new health/injury issues we will require a doctors letter and possibly a physio letter depending on individual circumstances, before starting any exercise in the gym.  We do not provide “assisted training” for those requiring assistance throughout their workout.  We must be ensured that each individual is capable of training independently before any new member (or non-member pay-as-you-go) will be signed up.  New members are to be signed up at our own discretion.