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WNBF Pro Dr. Ian Hendy Training Legs!

WNBF Pro Dr. Ian Hendy Training Legs!

Need some leg training motivation, or motivation full stop…. This video shows Dr Ian Hendy WNBF Pro Bodybuilder training with his training partners Ed Skinner and Mike Palmer in a typical leg workout!

Spice up your training

If you have been getting a little de-motivated with your training, then why not try these simple things to get that energy back in to your workouts! mix up your routine.  Try changing the days you train particular body parts up.  Even try changing the order of exercises within your weights routine. Try 2 weeks […]

UKDFBA UK Championships **RESULTS**

Wow what a weekend Team Lougar’s has had!  Lee Kemp runs the best show out of all the federations we have been too.  Not only does his shows run like clockwork, all emphasis is placed upon the athletes and supporters, with a buzzing atmosphere and positive vibes.  It was our pleasure to sponsor the Mens […]

Lee 3 Days out from the UKDFBA UK Cha...

Lee 3 Days out from the UKDFBA UK Champs!

So only 3 days to go until the UKDFBA UK Championships at Leamington Spa.  Lee has just been in for his last “pump through” before relaxing and caring up ready to hit the stage on Saturday.  We think this is the best package Lee has brought to the stage to date…so excited to see his […]

UKDFBA UK Champs 2015 Update!

UKDFBA UK Champs 2015 Update!

So show day is fast approaching and peak week is upon us already!  Team Lougar’s (Lee Adams, Paul Harradine, and Elaine Lepkowski) are all looking seriously dialled in and on top form.  This is Elaine a week out from her very first comp…so impressed and has been a dream to prep!  Depleted, no tan, and at the […]

Our Strongman Dan “The RockR...

Strongman Champions League Romania 2015. Congratulations on Dans performance at the Champions League Romania competition!  Dan did himself and all of us here proud after putting in a solid performance to finish 7th overall. First event was the Car Hold: two 4 wheel drives with the right side slightly pulling more! But managed 4th place […]

Staying Motivated

One of the biggest challenges all gym users (and exercisers) face is staying motivated.  Consistency is key when trying to see results, and even more important if you want to keep them.  So how can you keep going when your motivation fades, and when life gets in the way.  Anyone can exercise when life is […]