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Meeting a Legend!

Wow what can we say, at last we were able to meet the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger last week in Golds Gym Venice!  We have been training there for so many years and this time we were lucky enough to meet a life long hero.  Now thats a memory we will never forget!

WBFF Pro Figure Athlete Clare Conditi...

Summer is coming and we all want to get leaner and tighter for our summer wardrobe… Check out WBFF Pro Figure Athlete Clare Taubman’s lower body conditioning circuit!

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Thank You!

To ALL that took the time to come to our first UKDFBA Southern Workshop – THANK YOU for making it a success! Any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, NOW is the competition. What you do day-in day-out will reflect on stage, even if your contest is years away! Remain focused and […]

FREE workshops!

FREE workshops!

Come along to our United Kingdom Drug Free Bodybuilding Association – UKDFBA FREE workshop on sunday the 3rd april…We have many top athletes, judges, and coaches on hand to give advice to all categories of amateur athletes wanting to compete at the southern UKDFBA qualifiers, even if you just want to find out more about […]

Get in shape BEFORE the summer!

Don’t do it again, leave it until the weather gets hot and then decide you need to get in better shape to feel more confident in your clothes, or to look good your summer holiday!  The hard work needs to start now. We don’t believe in crash diets as the truth is the don’t work, […]



COMING SOON!!! We understand that training is just one aspect of creating a great physique and living a healthier lifestyle no matter what your goal may be.  This is why we felt the need to offer everyone in Southsea and Portsmouth more than your run of the mill gym.  We are so passionate about healthy […]

WNBF Pro Dr. Ian Hendy Training Legs!

WNBF Pro Dr. Ian Hendy Training Legs!

Need some leg training motivation, or motivation full stop…. This video shows Dr Ian Hendy WNBF Pro Bodybuilder training with his training partners Ed Skinner and Mike Palmer in a typical leg workout!

Spice up your training

If you have been getting a little de-motivated with your training, then why not try these simple things to get that energy back in to your workouts! mix up your routine.  Try changing the days you train particular body parts up.  Even try changing the order of exercises within your weights routine. Try 2 weeks […]

UKDFBA UK Champs 2015 Update!

UKDFBA UK Champs 2015 Update!

So show day is fast approaching and peak week is upon us already!  Team Lougar’s (Lee Adams, Paul Harradine, and Elaine Lepkowski) are all looking seriously dialled in and on top form.  This is Elaine a week out from her very first comp…so impressed and has been a dream to prep!  Depleted, no tan, and at the […]

Staying Motivated

One of the biggest challenges all gym users (and exercisers) face is staying motivated.  Consistency is key when trying to see results, and even more important if you want to keep them.  So how can you keep going when your motivation fades, and when life gets in the way.  Anyone can exercise when life is […]

Shoulder training with INBF world cha...

Shoulder training with INBF world champ Dr Ian Hendy

A sneak peak into training shoulders with World, and British Natural Bodybuilding Champion Dr Ian Hendy, and his training partner Ed (also Top 3 UK natural bodybuilder with the UKDFBA)     check links .

weekend offer

Victorious festival weekend special!  August 28th, 29th, 30th…Non members can train here Friday, Saturday and Sunday for just £6 for all three days!!!

Intensity is everything

Achieving results is down to more than just going to the gym, or eating the odd healthy meal.  Seeing real results is HARD WORK and requires a dedication to making it happen.  Results do not happen overnight, nor do they happen by accident.  However, unless you are stepping on stage to compete this does not […]

WNBF Pro Dr Ian Hendy training back a...

WNBF Pro Dr Ian Hendy training back and biceps

Take a sneak peak at Dr Ian Hendy training back and biceps a few months after winning the INBF World Masters Natural Bodybuilding Title in Boston! red cloud .