Get in shape BEFORE the summer!

Don’t do it again, leave it until the weather gets hot and then decide you need to get in better shape to feel more confident in your clothes, or to look good your summer holiday!  The hard work needs to start now.

We don’t believe in crash diets as the truth is the don’t work, they are not healthy or sustainable.  Changing your lifestyle and creating good habits, and becoming consistent is the answer to success with achieving your dream physique.  No matter what your goal, re educating yourself and understanding how to do it is most of the battle.  Making small steps will soon get you to changing your whole lifestyle without a drastic shock, and you will find you have less chance of “falling off” the wagon.

We offer both online and 1:1 training to help you finally achieve the results you want.  Don’t get sucked in to yet another fad diet, quick fix or latest trend.  Work hard and be consistent and results will happen.  We are just here to help you know what to do and keep you motivated.

For more information look on our “Personal Training” page or email us!  You can also call 02392 877874 and speak to Ian or Clare and we will be happy to help.