We understand that training is just one aspect of creating a great physique and living a healthier lifestyle no matter what your goal may be.  This is why we felt the need to offer everyone in Southsea and Portsmouth more than your run of the mill gym.  We are so passionate about healthy balanced nutrition we wanted to offer more.

We have teamed up with Shenanigans Irish Cafe and created a special healthy menu for all of you who want to live a healthier lifestyle without having to avoid social situations!

Putting time and energy in to your training is wasted if you don’t fuel your body to recover, and grow.  If you are trying to get leaner then there is now no excuse not to eat clean.  With a daytime menu filled with lean steak, egg whites, hearty oatmeal and natural nut butters.  Together with Time4 Nutrition we have also created some protein smoothies for that post/pre workout boost, or even if you are out and about and get caught short!

Muscle Menu is available Tuesday’s-Friday’s. (releasing details soon!)

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