Sustainable Protein!

We are all guilty of just grabbing the cheapest tuna or whatever is on offer!  You may think that as someone who trains and works hard to get enough protein in then it will cost too much to try to shop sustainably.  Well think again, this table from Greenpeace show what brands are best to buy (Waitrose is top…by the way also has a bigger tin than, and more tuna/protein in, than the more well known brands, and M&S, and Sainsbury’s own makes are also better choices)  The brands to avoid are John West and Princes.    You might be aware that we can’t keep producing food the way we do and help our oceans survive, each one of us needs to make small changes, in our daily actions.  Supply and demand.  If we stop creating a demand for the brands that use unethical fishing methods, 98% of john wests tuna is caught using destructive fishing methods that harm marine life including sharks (Greenpeace’s just tuna table) the they will be forced to change their methods.  If you continue to ignore what they are doing then you are enabling these brands to be destructive.


Take a minute to think, one small change in your shopping habit can help make a difference!  Share this with your friends and family.