Thank You!

To ALL that took the time to come to our first UKDFBA Southern Workshop – THANK YOU for making it a success! Any further questions do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, NOW is the competition. What you do day-in day-out will reflect on stage, even if your contest is years away! Remain focused and remain consistent. Each day is a step closer to your goal(s), ‪#‎nutrition‬‪#‎intensity‬ ‪#‎meal‬ prep ‪#‎focus‬ ‪#‎consistency‬
A VERY special THANK YOU to Time4Nutrition for their wonderful goody bags! And, thank you to Richard WalkerJan Galton and Scott Galton and Hayley Madigan. Last but no means least, is the huge monster that is Alan Mack and the incredile Stefan Kuruc -these guys came down from London and shared some amazing advice: you guys are amazing! Lee Kemp‘s Team UKDFBA really is a unified and positive Federation
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Stay focused, keep training. Best wishes, Lougars Gym.

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