Lougars Gym & Fitness Centre, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Important Covid-19 Rules and Regulations:

1.      We are now required by the Government to only allow access to members and non members through a booking system.  To book a training session please call 02392 877874 or email us at lougarsgym@gmail.com.  You may also

Currently we can only offer 1 hour each session, this is due to strict maximum capacity rules.  If the gym is not at maximum capacity you can of course train for longer, however, bookings will take priority. We will of course review this and make changes as and when we can.  You will find links on our home page and in the menu.  Please be thoughtful and cancel any un wanted training sessions to allow others to use the gym.

2.      On entry you will be given a mini spray bottle with disinfectant in, please wipe all kit including weights, bars and attachments before and after each use.  Be mindful not to keep leaning on machines unnecessarily to minimise contact.  We will also have a foot bath on entry for everyone to dunk the soles of their shoes in for a few seconds and wipe on the towel.  Due to people sometimes being on the floor we want to minimise the spread from outside.

5.      On entry please use the hand sanitiser provided.

6.      ALL members must remain 2 meters apart at all times.

7.      Showers will be out of use, and you are encouraged to come to the gym wearing your gym clothes where possible.

8.      No access will be allowed up at reception apart from payments (which is now card only) and to refill water bottles.  You must also provide your own water bottles.

10.    No pre workout or protein shakes will be available at this time, until further notice.

12.   If you show any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 you must not come to the gym.

13.   We now have bike racks outside the gym, please lock your bike up outside as bikes will not be allowed into the gym.

If anyone doesn’t wish to follow these rules, they will be asked to leave

For those whom are happy to train and observe the rules…


New Member fee: £40 one off payment
Day rate: £5
Week Rate: £12
No Contract Monthly: £30


New Member fee: £30 one off payment
Day rate: £4
Week Rate: £10
No Contract Monthly: £25


Day rate: £10
Week Rate: £20
No Contract Monthly: £40

Revised Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm

Saturday: 9am-2pm

Sunday :Closed for deep cleaning protocols  (until further notice)

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